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Female Incontinence in Panama

Female icontinence in Panama is a very common problem, with four out of every ten experiencing some form of incontinence during their lifetime.

The main types of Female Incontinence in Panama are:

  • Stress incontinence: for example, leaking urine when coughing. Pregnancy, childbirth, the menopause, hysterectomy and obesity can all lead to stress incontinence.

  • Urge incontinence: where a patient has an overactive bladder

  • Sudden urgency, which can result in leaking.

  • Mixed incontinence: a combination of stress incontinence and overactivity.

Prolapse in Panama

Bladder prolapse is also a common condition. Used to store urine, the bladder is a hollow organ in the pelvis. Pressure created when the bladder fills with urine is what causes the urge to urinate, when urine travels from the bladder and out the body through the ureter. In women, the uterus, or womb is held in place by the muscles, tissues and ligaments in the pelvis. Prolapse occurs when these supporting muscles, tissues and ligaments become weaker and are unable to hold the uterus in place.


There are varying degrees of prolapse:

  • First degree prolapse - when the uterus slips down into the vagina

  • Second degree prolapse - when part of the uterus sticks out of the opening of the vagina

  • Third degree prolapse - also called procidentia - when the entire uterus slips outside the vagina


Diagnosis of Prolapse in Panama

  • Dr Ureña will examine the pelvis and a bladder that has entered the vagina will confirm the diagnosis. In less obvious cases, the consultant may use a series of X-Rays taken during urination to help determine the shape of the bladder and the cause of urinary difficulty.

  • Following diagnosis, Dr Ureña may test the nerves, muscles and the intensity of the urine stream to determine what type of treatment is most appropriate.

  • Cytoscopy may also be used to determine the best form of treatment; this procedure involves looking into the bladder with a scope.


Today converted in Urologist Surgeon with over ten years of experience, Dr. Ruben Ureña shows that he chose the right path, because he has exercised his profession with commitment, ethics and investigative spirit, always seeking the best benefits for the patient in surgical treatments .



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