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Endourology in Panama

Endourology in Panama is a minimally invasive technique available to treat kidney stones. Stones may be extracted or fragmented using tiny instruments through natural body channels such as the urethra, bladder and ureter. In addition to treatment, Dr Ureña helps determine the cause of kidney stone development and help identify methods to prevent further stone formation.

Thin, flexible instruments including lasers, graspers, miniature stone retrieval baskets, special scalpels, and cautery, can be advanced through working channels in the scopes in order to perform surgery without creating any incisions at all. The majority of endoscopic procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.

Endourological procedures include:

1. Urethroscopy: used to treat strictures or blockages of the urethra.

2. Cystoscopy: used to treat bladder stones and tumors. Obstructing prostate tissue can be removed with this approach as well (a procedure called “TURP”). Flexible plastic tubes called stents can be passed up the ureter using cystoscopy and x-rays to relieve blockage of the ureter.

3. Ureteroscopy: used to treat stones and tumors of the ureter.

4. Nephroscopy: used to treat stones and tumors of the kidney lining.

Am I a candidate for a minimally invasive procedure?

This is a very important question that patients may ask when they receive their diagnosis. The ultimate determination of candidacy will require an evaluation by an endourologist/laparoscopist. Important considerations include a patient’s specific medical history and the particular nature of his or her disease.


Today converted in Urologist Surgeon with over ten years of experience, Dr. Ruben Ureña shows that he chose the right path, because he has exercised his profession with commitment, ethics and investigative spirit, always seeking the best benefits for the patient in surgical treatments .



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